Sports Injuries
Pilates has become popular as an alternative treatment in the rehabilitation of sports injuries as the exercises increase your overall muscle tone while teaching you to be more aware of how your body moves and works. Such an exercise philosophy has great potential to help prevent injuries in other sports because it can help you spot trouble long before it becomes a serious issue.

We all know that posture contributes a great deal to overall physical balance. Habitually bad posture can cause muscle strain and result in serious sports injuries because some of your muscles are more developed than others. Pilates exercises strengthen the body's core, which is the control center for overall posture. This total training helps prevent muscle imbalance, which is the cause of most chronic sports-related injuries.
Following an intial consultation Wendy will work with your GP, physiotherapist or osteopath to create a programme of exercises which specifically address your muscular imbalances getting you back into your sports routine as soon as possible. 
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