Here are a few comments from happy Clients:
I was referred to Wendy by Richmond Physiotherapy.  Being an older woman with chronic back issues, I can honestly say that Pilates has definitely improved my everyday life.  Movement that I found difficult and painful is much easier and inspires me to do more.  When I've had to miss my sessions with Wendy my body certainly knows it and craves to get back to Pilates. Wendy’s knowledge of the body and how it all works together is amazing.
Elizabeth Preston – 62 yrs old
Besides being great for balance, toning, strength and flexibility, Pilates is wonderful for the mind.  I started Pilates with Wendy a few months ago, and I'd like to think that I'm proof you can teach an old dog new tricks!
Rose Smith – 70 yrs old
Wendy is a fantastic instructor.  It’s taken me quite a while to get the hang of some of the pilates exercises – especially the breath patterns - but she’s demonstrated such understanding and patience with me that I’ve finally cracked it and can really see and feel the results, especially in my posture and waistline.  Thank you!  
Nancy Cooper – 25 yrs old
I travel frequently for work so Wendy carefully tailored my exercise routine according to what's going on with my body and designed a programme I can do anywhere – even in a hotel room.  Going twice weekly to Pilates has made all the difference both in mind and body.  In just 4 weeks I’ve noticed I’m standing taller (I feel I’ve grown at least 2 inches in height!), sitting straighter and my waistline has re-appeared! 
Bridget Allsop – 43 yrs old
As a long distance runner I see an osteopath for massage and the occasional treatment but I do it much less frequently, finding that I can use what I learn in my sessions with Wendy to relieve some of the symptoms that used to send me to my doctor. 
Craig Gallagher – 48 yrs old
After having a difficult labour with my first child I turned to Pilates to get back into fitness.  I was fortunate enough to find Wendy through a friend’s recommendation -  her one-to-one sessions are giving me back my waistline plus I have no pain after my long Sunday runs in the park!
Irene Mills – 43 yrs old
I’ve found Wendy’s Pilates sessions challenging and effective - and we have a laugh too!  Wendy has a contagious energy that motivates you to work your hardest. 
Lauren McCall – 30 yrs old